Motorola Moto G100 in for review

The Moto G line keeps growing past the double digit mark. After the G10 and G30 we turn out attention to a more compelling addition - the Moto G100 which serves as the top dog in Motorola’s G lineup. Our review unit just came in so let’s see what it has to offer. Starting with a quick design overview, the Iridescent Ocean colorway of our unit is undoubtedly flashy and one of the more interesting hues we’ve had at the office. It shifts between blue, green and purple depending on the lighting. Upfront it’s business as usual with a 6.7-inch IPS LCD and FHD+ resolution. The dual punch...

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Motorola Moto G100 in for review Motorola Moto G100 in for review Reviewed by digital manu on March 25, 2021 Rating: 5

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