My top 5 phones of 2020 - Vlad

2020 in the rear view mirror? Good riddance! Looking back on the year, like some of my colleagues, I also have thoughts about the best smartphones of the year. So this is my own Top 5, but with a couple of twists. First, I decided to stick to phones I’ve used extensively this year, and ignored ones I just played with for a few days or less, as well as ones I haven’t even touched. So all of these opinions are based on spending some quality time with each of these devices. That’s why you won’t see anything from OnePlus or Google or Apple on the list - I simply haven’t used them enough and...

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My top 5 phones of 2020 - Vlad My top 5 phones of 2020 - Vlad Reviewed by digital manu on January 03, 2021 Rating: 5

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