Realme Narzo 20 hands-on review

Introduction It really wasn't that long ago that the Narzo 10 family saw the light of day and yet here we are testing the new Narzo 20 lineup. For better or worse, this kind of turnover is the norm in the modern highly-competitive budget Android realm. Realme knows too well that these are the kind of devices that are really going to move volume. Hence, the constant iterative updates to bring better value on a shoestring budget. The Narzo 20 is the middle-child in the Narzo 20 trio, unveiled on September 21. Both in name and features, it is clearly an iteration on the vanilla Narzo...

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Realme Narzo 20 hands-on review Realme Narzo 20 hands-on review Reviewed by digital manu on November 06, 2020 Rating: 5

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