Motorola Moto G Pro in for review

Say hello to the Motorola Moto G Pro - the Europe-bound counterpart to the US Moto G Stylus. The pair is basically indistinguishable, specs-wise. So let's see what's in the box. Motorola has provided all you need to get started - an 18W charger, a USB-C cable and a complimentary silicone case. Unlike the Moto G Stylus, the G Pro's name doesn't tease the built-in accessory, but it's there - tucked into the right bottom corner of the phone. You need to pry it out with a fingernail - there's no push-to-pull-out mechanism like on the Galaxy Note10 series. Unlike the Note10's S Pen,...

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Motorola Moto G Pro in for review Motorola Moto G Pro in for review Reviewed by digital manu on July 02, 2020 Rating: 5

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