Alcatel 3, 3L, 1s hands-on review

As has pretty much become tradition TCL dropped a slew of new alcatel devices at its MWC event. Confusing naming scheme, affordable price tags and sensible modest specs sheets all accounted for. That being said, this year's announcements were arguably a bit more exciting. And not just because of the flexible display demos also teased by TCL. Even purely in the realm of alcatel things are looking a bit more dynamic this year. In case you want more details on the trio of news smartphones, as well as some specs, you can check our the announcement news. There's a rather interesting 3T...

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Alcatel 3, 3L, 1s hands-on review Alcatel 3, 3L, 1s hands-on review Reviewed by digital manu on February 24, 2019 Rating: 5

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