DuckDuckGo Adds Tracker Blocking Tools to Its Mobile Apps and Browser Extensions

There’s a lot less privacy online, these days. People are more willing to give up sensitive information about themselves than they used to be, and it seems almost quaint to think that volunteering your name, address, and occupation used to be unorthodox. Increasingly, folks seem to be handing over pieces of information they once kept private — such a browsing habits and location patterns, for example — to certain companies because of the added conveniences offered in exchange. The web search engine DuckDuckGo, though, has always championed privacy above all else, and this week announced revamped versions of its mobile app and browser extensions.

The DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser has been downloaded millions of times across multiple platforms, and the update adds an ad network tracking blocker that prevents third-party websites from keeping tabs on your browsing habits. It’s also been added to the company’s browser extensions for Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.

Source: DuckDuckGo

Tracker blockers probably aren’t new to privacy-focused users, but they’re a great addition to DuckDuckGo’s already-popular mobile web browser and extensions. Along with the tracker blocker, the search engine’s services have gotten smarter encryption and a private search feature, and both the desktop and mobile browser now show a Privacy Grade rating from A-F when you visit a website, with scores assigned based on the prevalence of hidden tracker networks, encryption availability, and website privacy practices. Finally, DuckDuckGo has partnered with Terms of Service Didn’t Read (TOSDR) to score website terms of service and privacy policies, when available.

DuckDuckGo was founded on a mission of privacy. Google knows a lot about you, and it uses what it learns to improve your user experience across its products — whether that’s with improved search results or ads for products you use every day. There are certainly benefits to that degree of personalization, but the thing is, not everyone wants it in their lives. For those who don’t, DuckDuckGo’s privacy suite is the perfect solution.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser (Free, Google Play) →

Source: DuckDuckGo

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